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  • Llorens Spanish Doll - Lucia
  • Llorens Spanish Doll - Lucia

Llorens Spanish Doll - Lucia



A Llorens doll is a special artisan-made doll and are completely designed and handmade in Spain with thoughtfulness and care. They are a beautiful keepsake and are made to last when treated with love and care.  With an incredible finish, Llorens has taken care of every last detail to give their dolls personality with a great variety of dimensions and models. We’d like it to always remain with your child for those special times and for play. At Little Dottie we name our dolls for easy referral, however the name isn’t written on them so you are more than welcome to rename your little one.

The features of this doll are listed below:

  • Soft bodied (vinyl arms, legs and head)
  • Size:

Please note that this doll does NOT cry. 

Little Dottie is an exclusive stockist of selected Llorens dolls outfits, if you select here and it will direct you straight to them.

We hope you love and cherish your new little Llorens doll. If you need assistance in selecting the perfect doll, please don’t hesitate to contact us here. We would love to help!

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