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Polly is part of 'The Secret Wings' collection.

Late at night, when there’s hardly any sounds, and goodnight kisses are being placed upon brows, a world comes alive right above our heads, whilst you’re being tucked into your nice warm bed. Now I’ll tell you a secret, about the wings that take flight, you must promise to keep it, this happens at night, little creatures come out, and stretch out their wings, they soar and they tumble, the adventure begins! It’s a world full of wonder, and most certainly glee, but to glimpse inside, you must first find the key.

Polly will fly as high as she can when no one else is around, she pretends the twinkling lamp posts below are stars scattered on the ground.

Polly is printed with love from the original watercolour painting by Danella Gillard. Printed on high quality card stock using fade resistant inks.

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